The Post-Tactile Era:

Merging with the image needs of the new environment

Since the television, radio, computer, and satellite environments have merged into a mixed corporate media discarnate collective water, to which we have added VCR's, remote controls, and therefore personal electronic interaction with the electric content in the electric water, we now have an anxiety, or a need, for something that's beyond the electric environment. But we can't do it.

We can look up at all the rear-view mirror architypal retrievals and try to live in them, but the only way to get around it and to meet this new post-tactile need is to at least turn off the tactile mesh of television and computers.

But what is the discarnate interval/state that we find ourselves emersed in? It's a kind of collective psychiatry of suspended judgement in which we exist beyond our normal physical body dimensions. By being addicted to the electric environment, we all share in the electronic conspiracy. Obviously, there is a need for comprehensive awareness of media ecology in the electric environment.

Where do individuals fit in? They are a tactile interval of a post-conventional male/female split. So in the tactile inverval we don't know what we are. We're something new. We're not pre-industrial or industrial age workers and we're not post-industrial software addicts, we're in between. People are becoming more interactive with media and less with other people. This is the electro-tactile.

There is a need for interactive dialogue in the discarnate state; we're all dancing on the electric resonating drum and if you are aware of that, you can change reality. It's the basic core of media alchemy.

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