Eco-fascism and Media Ecology:

A visit to the electric solar theatre beehive

Eco-fascism, or the environmental movement, is the need now; we are tired of the electro-tactile autonomy that we all wear. We are enjoying and are addicted to the new electric environment, but we have a nostalgic phantom pain for human scale retrievals.

Where do the eco-fascists fit in?

Well, they are nostalgic for the old earth, the earth of Greek alphabetic nature in which the planet was set into a frame. Essentially, they are nostalgic for animals. But we don't realise that our collective extensions, our technological environments, are the new animals - indeed the second phase of evolution. So until we learn to visualise and see that the new animals are what we're dealing with and that the new nature is what ecology should be focused on (i.e. media ecology), then we will be lost and hijacked by such eco-fascists as Greenpeace, who hoist up the old nature, the old idea of the ideal green valley.

The old nature will not survive no matter how eco-fascist we get because we are addicted to the electric environment, the new nature. And that is the paradox, the dilemma we're in.

Next step... the post-tactile era.

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Last Updated: 17 February, 2010
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