Stuntdog: Biographical Notes
Stuntdog at the Arctic Circle
Stuntdog at the Arctic Circle, August 2001

Stuntdog in Tasmania
Stuntdog in the land of the gums trees, Christmas 1995

Baja California
Cactus and Punta Pulpito, March 2000

Stuntdog Birthday
The Big 30, April 2000

Sea stack in Newfoundland
Sea stack in Newfoundland, July 2001

Joining forces, September 2000

Stuntdog crossing the Weasel River
Stuntdog crossing the Weasel River, August 2001

Picoroco resting by Thor Peak
Picoroco resting by Thor Peak, August 2001

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April, 1970 Born a Canadian citizen at the Riverside Hospital, a brother for Sibling Annie. "His cries make sense to me... time to up my medication".
1976 The legend of Crazy Legs is born.
1979 Savours excitement of Montreal Canadiens winning Stanely Cup for fourth consecutive year with Guy Lafleur, Ken Dryden, et al.
1980-81 Participates in several punting escapades on the River Cam and encourages unsuspecting relatives to handle stinging nettles while residing at Southacre in Cambridge, England.
1984 Mexican road trip reveals stunning ability to body surf and resist infectious diseases.
1985-86 As member of Suburban Radicals spawns half dozen issues of Vulgar Bulgar Danzine. Frequent editorial clashes over inclusion of Marine Mammal of the Month page.
1989-93 Studies towards a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology, Dalhousie University. "If we knew what it was we were doing, it wouldn't be called research would it?".
1993-94 Moves to British Columbia to be closer to killer whales and fault lines. Sporpoise the Porpoise spotted off Queen Charlotte Islands. Survives cable-car crossing of Cheakamus River.
1994 Side trip to Churchill, Manitoba, in middle of winter. Not a good time to see beluga whales in Hudson Bay because of total ice cover. Temperature rumoured to be -37 degrees Celcius. Polar bears lurk in the shadows.
1994-95 Epic train journey across Canada aboard VIA Rail. Returns to Nova Scotia on house-sitting assignment. Crew member aboard "Balaena" investigating bottlenose whales off Sable Island. Manages to capsize canoe in Kejimkujik with aid of skittish dog.
1995 Flies down to Australia to study towards a Doctor of Philosophy in Zoology at the University of Tasmania. Highlight of first weekend in Southern Hemisphere is bush fire that comes within a kilometre of home.
1996 Completes South Coast Track walk in seven days. Highlights include... landing on beach in Cox Bight... cetacean vertebrae... multiple river crossings... Ironbound range... rowing across New Lagoon... Precipitous Bluff... liverworts by pit toilet... yellow-tailed black cockatoos...
1997 Fur Seal uprising at Tenth Island wrecks havoc on studies. Stuntdog urged to leave Australia by government and press. Returns to Ontario and discovers that a "Common Sense Revolution" has occurred during his absense.
1998-2002 Held captive in Mel Lastman's Megacity; charity and community work. Joins forces with the Flying Dragons dragon boat team.
2000 Brief escape to Baja. Mexican naval helicopters monitor progress of kayak trip. CSIS agents in the guise of pelicans swarm beach on Isla Cornado. "Do you think the hermit crabs are wired for sound?". A second brief escape is made to Chile. Feasting on picoroco and congria in the shadow of an active volcano.
2001 Forays to Gros Morne, Newfoundland and Auyuittuq, Nunavut. Western Brook Pond, Pangnirtung, the Artic Circle and beyond. Biomass augmentation in gestation.
2002 Odin bursts onto the scene in dramatic fashion. Sleep patterns may never be the same again. The man who put the salt in the ocean passes on to another realm. Gazing into the Sun from mont Mégantic.

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