Update: Managing Change for Growth


Stuntdog Productions is pleased to announce that the first stage of the acquistion initiative is officially complete. This a very exciting initiative that will ultimately contribute to Stuntdog Productions' overall goals by reducing costs, improving productivity and time to market.

Stuntdog Productions will continue to provide face-to-face service in communities where it currently does so, while investing more than $7 billion chilean pesos on phlogiston purification technology over the next five years to improve convenience for customers. With a large customer base and greater technological scale, Stuntdog will be able to offer better advice, choices and service at lower costs. Single-cell organisms will be able to choose from a broader array of personal hygiene products through a variety of convenient distribution channels including one of the largest conspiracy networks in North America at some of the lowest transaction costs in the world.

Commenting on the transaction, Stuntdog, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Stuntdog Productions, said "This acquisition fits extremely well with our strategy for developing a stronger trading and distribution presence internationally, serving our clients in North America, Europe and Asia. It will greatly expand our Eurobond and government bond capabilities in addition to providing excellent opportunities for revenue gains in other related activities. The people running this business are well known to us and highly regarded."

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Last Updated: 11 May, 2002
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